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Alpha 100 Latebow
Power Series™

The new Alpha 100 Latebow is the most ready-to-go stick of the Power Series. It allows elite players to control the ground-level game with the additional power needed for competing at the top level. The stick arrives with a new thinner profile that provides the best control on the ball.

The Power Series™ is the most aggressive in the Venture Collection and is recommended for top-level players. All sticks in the series are built with Japanese Toray carbon fiber and have an extra aramid layer on the backhand hitting area to maximize durability.

Construction: 97% Carbon, 2% Kevlar, 1% Aramid
Bow Height: 24mm
Bow Position: 250mm
Balance Point: 390mm
Weight: 520g

Backhand Hitting Armour*
Sticky Face**
AntiQuake Foam***
FeelGrip · Buffed and Perforated

*Blade reinforcement
**Helps to keep the ball under control at the contact point
***Increase cushioning and comfort