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OBO Robo PLUS Legguards

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OBO Robo PLUS Legguards   Item # OBORPLG

For field hockey goalkeepers that are fast, agile and patient yet decisive and want maximum surface area. They best suit upright goalkeepers that want predictable rebound to steer the ball away from danger.

Please note: These legguards best suit a very specific playing style. If you are unsure if these are right for you, please contact our goalkeeping experts who are happy to help you find the right fit for your game!

OBO's widest and lightest legguard yet. With UltraStop inside, the new Robo PLUS legguards are able to be thinner, meaning they can sit closer to the leg making them feel even lighter still. Stronger reinforced wings. Single piece foam construction enhancing durability. Squarer shape with two distinct saving faces. Designed to fit perfectly with the Robo PLUS kickers. Stand up longer, react quicker, and with more rebound predictability. Legguards fit the future of goalkeeping.

• Save more balls - The wider and higher saving area allows you to get touches on the balls you couldn't previously reach!
• Achieve more predictable rebounds - A squarer inner that is close to the leg enables you to steer the ball exactly where you want it!
• Clear the ball away from danger - the flat saving face helps to direct the ball down and wide

Size Guide:
Medium: 5'2" to 5'8"
Large: 5'8" +

• Flat and large front saving face - Higher and wider saving face gives you more coverage. The flat surface enables a more predictable rebound.
• Single face - Improves durability.
• UltraStop Inside - Gives extra protection to vulnerable areas such as the knee and shin.
• Carefully chosen foam selection - Foams provides perfect balance between rebound and predictable speed and ball direction.
• Two district saving faces (front and inner) - Enables a predictable rebound no matter what saving face is being used.
• Leg sits closer to the face - Enables the legguard to follow the natural movements of the body.
• Flexible and deep inner cavity - Designed to surround and encase your leg for stability and comfort.
• Wing 'Chock' - Maximizes wing stiffness for extra wide saves.
• Integrated Locking System - Between legguard and kicker reduces twisting when sliding and returns pads to the frontal position.
• Wing Stiffener - Provides rigidity to lower wing extension.
• Specially designed buckles and webbing - Will not loosen during play yet are fully adjustable.

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OBO Robo PLUS Legguards
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I love stopping into Pain and Gain when I visit Virginia Beach. I have purchased a new grip, outdoor gloves, and an indoor mask. I like Vlack as a brand. I was in Argentina this summer and got the chance to play with a Vlack stick. I ordered the Vlack turf shoes last spring and they were shipped immediately! I tell all my teammates how comfortable and reasonably priced they are! Planning on purchasing the pink pair as soon as they are back in stock!

Samantha Biondi

Richard was great!!! Packed store and he made everyone feel as if they were the only ones there with his knowledge, and care to get everyone exactly what they needed. My two girls loved the experience, one as a beginner and one with a few years experience that needed a new stick. Highly recommend if you need anything field hockey.

Cris Bell

Excellent quality and incredible service. Pain and gain goes out of its way to find the right gear for what you need. I’m a goalie and I bought all of my gear there. I love it!

Haedyn Norris

We had such a wonderful experience getting our daughter fitted for field hockey goalie gear. The knowledge and experience that Richard gave was fantastic. He encouraged our daughter and even taught her a few manuevers. If you are looking for field hockey gear of any kind don't go anywhere else!

Valeria Oyler

We love Pain and Gain Sports. Richard is extremely helpful. I bought both my girls indoor field hockey sticks along with other accessories. They were able to hit in the store and he assessed to see how much carbon fiber they should actually have. Extremely helpful and wonderful experience. I have been able to order online too through their website without a problem. Thank you Pain and Gain Sports! We will be back!! Stephanie Barnes

Stephanie Barnes

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